Dear CGU Colleagues,

In a previous communication, we announced the activation of our emergency telecommuting policy. This communication is to provide guidance related to the logistics of the emergency telecommuting policy.

Initiation of Plans
Each department leader should have submitted a telecommuting plan via the online form. These leaders are empowered to work with their staff to begin implementation starting March 16. Staff needs to check in with their department lead before beginning to telecommute.

Mission-Critical Functions
Each VP will identify functions that are mission-critical to the functioning of the University. Each VP will work with his or her Department Leads to provide a plan for continuation of these mission-critical services. Members of the executive team will have a daily presence on campus through rotation.

Unable to Telecommute
Those who are unable to telecommute should notify their supervisor and HR. Sick time and/or vacation time can be utilized, and we will allow negative balances. Social distancing is in the interests of public health and employees are asked not to bring children to campus.

Flexibility of Schedule
We will be flexible with work schedules, allowing staff to work half-days or only certain days per week. This may be particularly helpful for those who are rotating childcare responsibilities. Staff should share their schedule with their supervisor and HR and can use sick or vacation time for the hours that they do not work, please enter these hours in Kronos.

Technology Needs
We are asking staff to use their personal devices if that is an option, if that is not an option, we are encouraging to use University-provided laptops. Department leaders should communicate with OIT regarding any staff without access to a computer at home. Due to the demands on OIT, these loaner laptops may not be available immediately. However, CGU will continue to pay staff as they are waiting for a laptop. Staff may also request to take home other CGU equipment if that will assist them to be more efficient while they work from home. Department leaders will document all CGU equipment taken home by their staff members.

OIT staff will continue to be available on campus during the hours of 8:30 AM-5 PM M-F and phone support will be available 24/7 through remote helpdesk services. Please refer to the Operational Continuity website for additional details.

Hourly Staff
Hourly staff should keep track of their hours daily in Kronos, including lunch breaks. Department leaders will work with hourly staff to assign projects if some of the staff member’s work cannot be completed from home. Offices should use Skype for Business to communicate, keep in touch, and update tasks and projects regularly. See website for resources on operational continuity mentioned above.

Hours of Operation and Building Closures
We plan to maintain hours of operation of 10:00am to 2:00pm during the week and for limited hours on Saturdays as needed. If this changes, you will be notified. You will also be notified if we decide to consolidate operations into fewer buildings.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Alejandra Gaytan
Director of Human Resources

Regina McConnell
Assistant Director of Human Resources