August 30, 2021

Dear CGU Staff & Faculty,

Thank you to everyone who attended Thursday’s webinar focused on CGU’s return to campus guidance and policies. Many of you raised great questions that the committee did not have time to address. Please see the Q&A below for responses.

Please be sure to visit to review all guidance.

Thank you for continuing to follow the outlined protocols for the benefit of our CGU community.

CGU COVID-19 Task Force

The symptoms check [daily COVID-19 Symptom Screening form] deals with our personal health. If our partner exhibits COVID- or flu-like symptoms, we shouldn’t note that anywhere?
The daily health check is just for your symptoms. If your partner exhibits symptoms, you can continue to come to work, but you should remain masked and distanced at work. If your partner tests positive, you would follow the process for a close contact of someone who has contracted COVID, which is based upon vaccinated status. See the Protocol for Positive COVID Case for more details.

What if the event is an after-hours event and it starts at six?
From the Events Policy: For after-hours events, plan to have a station at the event for checking CGU IDs. If a person has a CGU ID and does not appear on the compliant list you received from the Dean of Students or Human Resources, that person is not cleared by the university to participate in CGU on-ground events. In addition, non-CGU guests must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Is there standard language you would suggest we use for campus visitors about CGU’s protocols?
Please use the language contained in the Visitor Policy and give campus visitors the link to this policy.

May any faculty or staff use the testing service if they believe they were exposed and may have breakthrough case?
Faculty, staff, and students cannot use the SHS unless they are part of the testing program for those with exemptions. Please test through your primary care physician or a local pharmacy/testing location. More details on testing are included in the Protocol for Positive COVID Case.

If there is a confirmed exposure at work, does worker’s comp cover testing?
On September 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 1159 which codifies the COVID-19 presumption created by Executive Order N-62-20 and provides two new rebuttable presumptions that an employee’s COVID-19 illness is an occupational injury and therefore eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if specified criteria are met. Please reach out to Human Resources regarding worker’s compensation.

What is the turnaround time for us to close an event registration, send the list to Dean of Students/H.R. and then receive that list back to notify registrants?
Please submit the list to Dean of Students/HR two weeks in advance of the event.

Are there any updates on how faculty are being informed of students who are approved/not approved from attending on-campus classes? How will the faculty know if their students are approved or not approved to be in class?
Students approved to attend in-person and on-campus events have received notice from the Dean of Students Office by e-mail. Faculty should assume that students who attend their classes in person have been cleared to be on campus. If you would like to be sure, you may ask the student for their DOS confirmation e-mail. However, please note that in making this request you may not ask about their vaccination status. You should also notify students in advance of this requirement (through your canvas announcements or other such class communication means). You should also be clear about what actions will be taken if they are unable to produce the e-mail upon request. This will help minimize disruptions to the class and provide students with clear instructions and expectations.

If we are able to have an event entirely online, is that now the preference? Or are we still encouraged to have some hybrid events to provide an in-person option for students who desire more on-campus engagement?
Yes, the preference is to hold events entirely online. However, the decision should be made based on the nature of the event and the needs of our students. Please see Events Policy for further details.

If a student worker tests positive for COVID, should I (as their supervisor) notify HR, or will the correct offices already be aware due to their status as a student?
If a student volunteers this information to you, please let HR know so that we can be sure the DOS office and SHS are aware for contact tracing purposes.

I heard that supervisors were supposed to be notified for people in their area if they are cleared to be on campus. I’ve heard nothing so far. When should we expect to receive that information?
Supervisors have already been notified if one of their reports has been approved for a vaccination exemption and needs to be part of our testing program. If you have not been notified, this means everyone in your area has submitted proof of vaccination.

Given vaccination requirements, does the visitor policy prohibit visitors under 12 (e.g., no family or family friendly events)?
The visitor policy does not prohibit visitors under 12, but we would prefer to limit having visitors under 12 on campus. If a student needs to visit campus and needs to bring a child, the visitor policy does not prohibit that student from bringing a child for a short period of time. We want to be supportive of our students who are also parents and understand that childcare may not always be available.

Will the booster shot be mandatory, and will we be required to show proof of getting the booster shot?
We will wait for guidance from LADPH before making this decision and will follow their recommendation.

This webinar is not only informative, but I very much appreciate the transparency and it pulls back the curtain significantly regarding the work of the task force. I highly suggest we hold something like [this for] students, as their only communication has been massive emails from the Dean’s office and repeated daily health screening emails – several students have communicated to me that they feel in the dark and aren’t confident in how prepared we are for reentry. The reality is I think we’re quite prepared but there is a missing communication link (email just isn’t reliable or personal enough).
Thanks for your feedback. We will plan similar events for students.

If we need to wait three days to get a test, does that mean we don’t come to work those days? During the three days that vaccinated individuals should wait to get tested when possibly exposed, should that person come to campus still?
Please see the Protocol for Positive COVID Case and flowchart. If you have been called by contact tracers and they have identified you as a close contact, you can continue to go to work as you wait the three days to get a test if you are fully vaccinated and you do not have any symptoms. If you have been called by contact tracers and they have identified you as a close contact and you are not fully vaccinated, then you need to quarantine for 10 days. If you are not called by contract tracers and told you are a close contact, you can continue to go to work.

How does our CGU policy apply to fall on-campus conferences? For example, the Inequality and Policy Research Center is planning an academic conference in a hybrid format (November 11-14), with about 30-40 scholars intending to visit in person.
The scholars (and any speakers) will need to follow the visitor policy to be cleared to be on campus. They can do this once and obtain a badge for the four-day event. They will need to comply with all CGU policies (evidence of vaccination, masking indoors, etc.) while on campus.

If a person is sick, COVID-positive, or needs to isolate or quarantine do we just work from home or do we have to take sick time (to be paid)?
This will depend on the symptoms and health of the individual. Please work with HR and your supervisor to make this decision. If someone tests positive for COVID and has no symptoms and that person has a role that can be done remotely, that person may be eligible to telecommute. However, if the person is very ill or has a position that cannot be performed remotely, that person may need to take sick leave.

What if we have small children not eligible for vaccine and their class is sent home due to possible exposure at school?
Please work with your supervisor if this occurs. If your job can only be done in person, you may need to take sick or vacation time to stay home. If your job can be done remotely, you can arrange to telecommute for some or all of this time period.

We were wondering if we should continue with Zoom [dissertation] defenses and qualifying exams on canvas or if we can give students the option for on campus exams and defenses?
Defenses held entirely by Zoom continue to be permissible. If a student and their committee would like to conduct the defense in person, they may do so if they are approved to be on campus. All guests should participate by Zoom until further notice.

Is the vaccine policy permanent? For anti-vaccine students, I assume we should warn them that they may avoid it for now but will eventually need to get vaccinated if they do not qualify for an exemption?
The vaccine policy will be in effect for all of fiscal year 21/22 and will likely be continued (but this will be based on changes to LADPH guidelines, which are unknown at this time). Students will need to provide proof of vaccination or will need to apply and be approved for an exemption, which will allow them to be on campus as long as they are participating in our testing program. There are no other options; only the two categories above will clear a student to be allowed on campus.

Any chance that we can set up outdoor “classrooms”?
The outdoor wireless technology was upgraded during the summer and many new outdoor areas were refurbished. If you would like to teach outdoors, please reserve the location with the Registrar’s Office. In addition, please contact OIT with any specific technology needs or Facilities with any specific facilities’ needs (rearrange furniture, additional seating, etc.).

What is the cleaning protocol for locations where COVID positive individuals have frequented?
When HR becomes aware of a positive case, HR staff will communicate with Facilities for additional cleaning, but in a way that does not reveal the identity of the person who tested positive for COVID.

How do we know if we have a new or old CGU ID? Is there a year or visual to gauge the status of our ID?
Even old cards will work with the tap card reader technology (old cards have magnetic strip and embedded chip). However, some cards become demagnetized over time. If your card does not work, go to Connections and they will replace your card for free. Connections is located just inside the south entrance of the Claremont Colleges library.

What about adjunct teaching at night that are not vaccinated and exempted. How do they get tested for their one night a week…and when? Can I be tested outside of SHS due to the timing?
Please work with the Provost and Human Resources to set up an alternative to testing at SHS, as this facility is only open until 4:30 pm.

I understand that some institutions have a contingency plan in place to close campus or return to remote operations if say they reach a certain test positivity rate. Does CGU have a plan such as this for this fall?
Through the SHS, we are in constant contact with representatives from LADPH. LADPH receives notice of any positive COVID cases on our campus and will inform us of any mitigating measures we need to take, and we will fully comply.

As faculty can we ask students for proof of their approval email?
The simple answer is yes, you may request that the student present the approval email. However, here are some additional considerations. Please note that in making this request you may not ask about their vaccination status. You should also notify students in advance of this requirement (through your Canvas announcements or other such class communication means). You should also be clear about what actions will be taken if they are unable to produce the email upon request. This will help in minimizing disruptions to the class and in providing clear instructions and expectations to your students.

Are there current policies on department meetings? Are we being asked to offer Zoom for meetings, even if all participants in the meeting are on campus? I want to be safe, but also feel that the staff are not thriving during Zoom meetings.
There is no current policy on department meetings. You can hold in-person meetings, but please be sensitive to those who may not be comfortable with in-person meetings and allow them to Zoom into the meeting.