Dear CGU Faculty,

I hope your summer has been one of reconnecting with family and friends, rest and relaxation, and getting time for your writing and research. The new academic year is upon us, and I have heard many questions about what it will be like to be back teaching on campus, or online when classes begin on Monday, August 30th.

Let me say that I returned to campus on Monday, August 16th and it feels wonderful to be back. To see so many whom I have only seen on my screen over the past 17 months, to experience chance meetings on the campus again, and to hear familiar voices and laughter fill the halls has been uplifting. And yes, we are masked indoors and we must continue to be quick to adapt to the changing circumstances. With the recent rise of Covid-19 variants, it is a time of increased concern for many. Be assured that we are committed to a safe return and we are adhering closely to all the guidance from the Center for Disease Control, the Los Angeles Department of Health, and the most recent “Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education Requirements and Best Practices.”

I can’t say exactly what it will be like for you to be back in the classroom, but I can say that our OIT and Student Services staff have been busy upgrading our classrooms and anticipating our faculty needs. The Covid-19 committee has been hard at work on the safety guidelines and ensuring our protocols are in place keeping us safe without being too burdensome or confusing.

I have assembled a set of FAQs that you can find on the Provost website. I hope these FAQs will begin to answer the many questions that will arise in the coming weeks.

I wish you, your colleagues, and your students a healthy and stimulating launch to our 2021-22 academic year.

Warm regards,

Patricia Easton
EVP & Provost