March 15, 2020

Dear CGU Staff,

In order to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, as well as to fully support community efforts to inhibit the transmission of COVID-19, we are activating the CGU Emergency Telecommuting Policy effective Monday, March 16, 2020. This move to telework operations will remain in place until Monday, April 13, 2020 unless conditions call for an extension.

Supervisors were asked this past Friday to prepare a telecommuting plan that will ensure mission-critical functions are staffed on a rotational basis. As events continue to unfold, such as the closing of local schools and daycare facilities, we recommend that anyone not in a mission critical function work from home, effective immediately. It is essential that we provide continuity and resources for our students, faculty, and others within the CGU community, as well as continue to support general operations. Teams in critical functions, such as IT support, will need to continue to have a physical presence on campus to the extent that is possible. Until further notice, the plan is for campus to be open from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, and for limited hours on Saturdays as needed. Please check the website for updates. We will work with each supervisor of these critical teams to make sure that those team members know what they need to do. Finally, the CGU leadership team will maintain rotational attendance on campus.

We ask that all employees, if they haven’t already, please communicate with their supervisor and Human Resources about their circumstances that may require special accommodation and/or exemption. This includes those who are at high risk or who live with others who are at high risk for contracting COVID-19.

We understand that telecommuting may present certain technology challenges. Please communicate any need for technical support or requirements to your supervisor rather than submitting a traditional help request to the IT team. Additionally, your supervisor has been provided guidance about the use of personal computing equipment and utilizing in-office hardware at a home location. As you know, our Information Technology team is working diligently to ensure that our transition to online classes is as smooth as possible. This remains their first priority. They will transition to staff support as soon as possible. OIT staff will continue to be available on campus during the hours of 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. OIT phone support will be available 24/7 through remote helpdesk services. Please refer to the Operational Continuity website for additional details.

As mentioned above, we are aware that our neighboring K-12 schools are closed for several weeks. If childcare requirements impact your ability to telecommute or to rotate on-campus attendance, please discuss with your supervisor or Human Resources. We will work with staff members to find an arrangement that best supports individual circumstances.

Additionally, should you or a family member become ill, or should your personal situation require time off, we are allowing employees to accrue negative balances in their sick time.

We ask everyone to remain patient as we navigate through this unprecedented global crisis. We are committed to making decisions that best support our staff, students, faculty, and our mission to deliver transformative graduate education. Now more than ever, we all carry the flame forward together.


CGU Leadership Team