To support Claremont Graduate University’s commitment to its core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, to raise awareness and promote communication and information exchange, and to strive to do better, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is working to advance the following actions:

  1. Provide guidance and support for each of CGU’s seven schools to create a diversity plan, in conjunction with CGU’s Affirmative Action and Diversity Committee
  2. Launch the CGU’s Advancing Equity website, which will serve as a repository for diversity-related materials, resources, news, and campus events
  3. Launch the online newsletter, Luminaries, to provide up-to-date, diversity-related campus news and to highlight some of the scholarly activities of our students, faculty, and alumni
  4. Host Being Candid: Discussions on Equity, a jointly sponsored speaker series in AY 20-21 to engage the campus community in dialogue on anti-racist and equitable practices, later to become a transdisciplinary course
  5. Launch the “Equity-minded and Inclusive Training” series for CGU staff in fall 2020
  6. Develop and extend strategies for creating equitable and inclusive classrooms and curricula
  7. Offer new, coordinated programs for graduate scholars of color to thrive throughout their graduate-school journey
  8. Collaborate to make demographic and disaggregated data on satisfaction, climate, and success available to the CGU community.
  9. Implement a bold advancement agenda that prioritizes and expands fellowship opportunities including the Black Scholars Award, Passing of the Torch, and other programs for underrepresented students
  10. Advance CGU’s strategic plan to foster a community of inclusive excellence
DEI Progress
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