Ignite: Excellence

Claremont Graduate University is the leading liberal arts graduate-only research university in the United States. For nearly 100 years, CGU has prepared individuals to pursue their professions and passions by providing a foundation of academic inquiry, research, and practice across disciplines that creates positive change in the world.

Bronwyn Mauldin

Ignite: Impact

Bronwyn Mauldin, Faculty

Encouraging her students in the Center for Business & Management of the Arts to take their class projects to the next level and create practical applications that arts and cultural institutions can use, Bronwyn Mauldin is teaching them that their ideas can change the world.

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Nancy LePage

Ignite: Action

Nancy LePage, PhD Student

The last thing Nancy LePage ever expected was to face food and housing insecurity in college. Now, as a researcher and PhD student in education, she’s using her experiences to become an advocate for the many students facing similar challenges.

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Rashon Lane

Ignite: Equity

Rashon Lane ’07

Whether she’s helping communities confront Ebola in Sierra Leone or COVID-19 in the U.S., Rashon Lane says the key to any major crisis is engagement and strong communications.

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Lucinda McDade

Ignite: Growth

Lucinda McDade, Faculty

CGU Botany Department chair, mentor to budding botanists, and groundbreaker in the promulgation of Southern California native plants, Lucinda McDade’s world revolves around encouraging young things to grow.

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Romeo Guzman

Ignite: Awareness

Romeo Guzmán, Faculty

As a “public historian,” CGU scholar Romeo Guzmán treats history as a living breathing record that begins with people and their communities, rather than something locked away in a dark, cold archive.

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April Moreno

Ignite: Hope

April Moreno ’17

An autoimmune disorder nearly ended April Moreno’s pursuit of a doctoral degree. But she persevered, faced her diagnosis, completed her degree, and found a purpose in serving others who are struggling with chronic illnesses.

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Abdullah Alismail

Ignite: Compassion

Abdullah Alismail, PhD Student

Working as a full-time respiratory therapist and assistant professor of Cardiopulmonary Sciences & Medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Abdullah Alismail, PhD student in education, says CGU has sharpened his research skills to help him provide the best care to his patients.

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Tom Hsieh

Ignite: Opportunity

Tom Hsieh ’04

Starting a business in a global pandemic isn’t ideal–but Tom Hsieh and his partners found a way to pivot and help those who really need it. While some people might see a closed door, Hsieh sees an opportunity.

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Fredrick Johnson

Ignite: Understanding

Fredrick Johnson, PhD Student

“It was like being at the U.N.” That’s how Frederick Johnson describes the diversity of colleagues in his first internet technology course at CGU. Fully employed, and with a family of four, Johnson enjoys the flexibility of his CGU degree program.

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Ignite: Solutions

Gregory DeAngelo, Faculty

Associate professor Gregory DeAngelo, founding director of an innovative data science lab, is changing the ways reforms are made in the criminal justice system. Why? Because, he says, “there is a difference between the way laws are written and how they’re applied.”

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Robyn Iraheta in the classroom

Ignite: Passion

Robyn Iraheta ’18

Alumna Robyn Iraheta overcame some challenging family hurdles to become a top middle school demonstration teacher. She realized that the best way to give back to society is by going home and helping the children in her community.

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