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No Emergency

For the latest CGU Covid-19 updates and procedures, please visit the CGU Covid-19 Response page.

Emergency Documents

In the event of an emergency, this web page will be used to provide timely information for students, parents, faculty, staff, and other members of the CGU community. It will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. If a major emergency—such as an earthquake, fire, or hazardous material accident—occurs, CGU’s Disaster Preparedness Committee and Emergency Operations Committee, will be activated to provide a response that best protects the CGU community.


Emergency Notification System

CGU students and employees are automatically enrolled in the Everbridge Mass Communications Notification system that’s used by all the Claremont colleges. This system allows the colleges to send emails and text messages to enrollees about critical incidents or dangerous situations. Third parties wishing to enroll in the mass notification system may contact the Human Resources office to update or add contact information at 909-607-4404.

Individuals responsible for issuing the emergency notification (usually the Campus Safety communications officers and supervisors) will, with the assistance of campus and local first responders, determine the content of the notification. Those issuing the notification will use the following guidelines when determining the contents of the emergency notification:

The first message is intended to alert the community (or appropriate segment of the Claremont Colleges community) of the emergency and the actions they should take to safeguard their and their neighbor’s safety. Messages distributed in this stage of a rapidly unfolding incident will generally be short, precise, and directive.

The second message is intended to inform the community (or appropriate segment of the Claremont Colleges community) about additional details of the situation. This message is generally distributed once first responders and the Emergency Operations Center has additional information about the dangerous situation.

Finally, the third message is the reassure notice that is generally distributed once the situation is nearly or completely resolved. The purpose of this message is to reassure the Claremont Colleges community that the Claremont Colleges or CGU is working diligently to resolve the dangerous situation. It can also be used to provide additional information about the situation and where resources will be available.

Campus Emergency Contacts

Campus Safety
909-607-2000 or 909-621-8170
Pendleton Business Building
150 E. Eighth Street
Claremont, CA 91711
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Human Resources
150 E. 10th Street
Claremont, CA 91711

Media Inquiries: Office of Marketing & Communications

Local Agencies