The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee works with the executive team and academic and administrative units to promote an institutional  culture that values and advances diversity, equity, and inclusion. It works to ensure alignment and coordinated effort throughout the university, its strategic plan, and the diversity work being done across The Claremont Colleges.

Working alongside CGU’s leadership team, and with members of the campus community, the DEI committee is committed to strengthening the institution in its endeavors to do better: 

to listen before we educate;

to provide before we ask;

to reflect before we act. 

We can do better to support our community in speaking truth to power, and to use our power to help dismantle systems of racism and injustice. 

We will strive for inclusive excellence, and we will collaborate and innovate for equity. These are core values of CGU. These are core values of our community. 

We will work together with those lending their voices to this fight.

We are committed to this cause, and we are listening.