Breaking the Shackles of Time

Writing is one of the essential human activities, both historically and in all the contemporary ways it is still pervasive in our lives. In this podcast, we explore the relationship between writer and reader, the ways writing and knowing interact, and some of the unique formal and informal genres writing can take depending on the context.

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Studying Human Purpose through a Positive Psychology Lens

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Kendall Cotton Bronk, associate professor of Psychology at Claremont Graduate University. We discuss the unique approach Psychology and Positive Psychology take to research as well as some of the great work she is doing through her Adolescent Moral Development Lab on understanding and developing purpose in youths. […]

Transdisciplinarity – Philosophy & Practice

In response to complex contemporary problems & the limitations of siloed specializations in solving them, a new boundary-crossing approach is actively being developed by researchers.

The Writer & the Blank Screen – Identity & Audience

The individuality and singular creativity of authors are closely guarded in many cultures today, and this translates into how we approach the act of writing itself. Is this the right framework to have, and should we be asking different questions about authorship?

Threshold Concept – Writing is a Social, Rhetorical, & Cognitive Activity

A deeper understanding of the form of writing contexts can lead to a transformation in how we view the written word, both from the perspectives of a reader and a writer.