LatinX in the Inland Empire

A podcast exploring contemporary LatinX life in the Inland Empire, and our relationships to geography and to one another. Each episode invites guests to delve into a different topic facing LatinX peoples today.

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S02E01 With Juan Carlos Parrilla

The episode is a discussion with Cultural Studies student Juan Carlos Parilla on Casa 0101 Theatre.

S01E04 LatinX Foods With Saundra Garcia

Conversation with Saundra Garcia on Inland Empire foods and businesses with Latinx influences. Learn about businesses supporting local produce. New flavors and classic IE foods.

S01E03 Mexican American Identity – Indigenous Sustainability with Freddy De Lapaz

Conversation with Freddy De Lapaz, MA student on Mexican American identity and Latinx peoples in Southern California. Discussion on cultural and historical issues addressing Identity.

S01E02 Theater and Poetry with Jessica Delgado

How does local theater and poetry play into our cultural identities? Explore how Chicanx theatre and poetry create empowerment for activism.

S01E01 LatinX and ChicanX Day of the Dead Celebrations/Ofrenda

Our first episode is an interview with CGU Media Studies student Marissa Hicks-Alcaraz.