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Podcasting at CGU – Information for Students, Faculty, and Staff

For Students

Studio B3 has limited but available bandwidth to record and publish student-produced podcasts, as long as they are in a mini-series or seasonal format. If you are a student at CGU and would like to start a podcast, you will need a proposal for at least one series/season, which is typically 6-12 episodes. Sample proposals can be found in the info box to the right.

If you want to move forward, send your proposal to or stop by the studio by appointment for more details.

For Faculty and Staff

If you are a faculty member who would like to incorporate podcasting into a course or are a faculty or staff member who would like to start a podcast, email us at to start the conversation or stop by the studio by appointment.

Items You Need to Get Started

A proposal that includes:

  1. The title of your podcast
  2. A compelling and brief description of your podcast.
  3. A brief description of each episode in the season or mini-series.

A 1400×1400 square logo image.

A 1500×700 banner image that does not have text.

Email contact info for all hosts/producers.

Podcast Hosting and Promotion

Podcasting is free at CGU and hosted on our own platform. Given the number of podcasts being produced out of Studio B3, we do not have the bandwidth to publish more than one episode of your podcast per month. However, you may wish to record several episodes per month to build up a backlog or publish an entire series/season at once after it has been fully recorded.

Types of Podcasts

Mini-Series. A show with a set end date or series length, organized around a given theme or subject, published either monthly or all-at-once on a pre-arranged date These are recommended for students, faculty, and staff who would like to produce a limited-run podcast series around a subject or theme, or for students producing a podcast for coursework.

Seasonal. An open-ended show organized around a given theme or subject, released in “seasons” of 6-12 episodes, with each season released on a schedule or all-at-once each year. These are recommended for courses which incorporate student-produced podcasts as an assignment.

Open-Ended. A show organized around a given theme or subject with no set end date, published monthly. These podcasts are recommended for staff only.

Recording Options

100% Studio B3. Studio B3 does all of the recording, either in-studio or using our virtual Zencastr studio. There is no editing other than trimming the head and tail, and podcast hosts do not operate equipment.

50% Studio B3. As above, Studio B3 does all of the recording (either in-studio or using our virtual Zencastr studio) but files are then handed off to hosts for editing. Hosts return a completed audio file to Studio B3 for publication.

0% Studio B3. Podcast hosts record and edit their own episodes remotely. Episodes are handed off to Studio B3 for publication. This option is only available for podcasts that are part of a CGU course that includes a podcast assignment.

Podcast Virtual Recording

Zencastr is a free, virtual recording studio for up to four participants. Each participant’s voice is recorded to a separate audio track, making this option favorable to producing a high quality podcast.

Podcast Editing Software

Podcast editing software should allow for the arrangement and editing of multiple audio tracks simultaneously, and it should be able to export in MP3 format. The applications below are recommended and are free or do not expire after the trial period is over.

MixPad [Mac Only] The free version (separate link on page) is a user-friendly, fully featured multitrack audio editor.

Reaper [Mac/PC] A user-friendly, fully featured multitrack audio editor.

Online Resources

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